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Written Instructions

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Change Time/Date Stamp

Remove Time/Date Stamp

1. With the memory card installed in the camera, connect the camera to your computer using the included
USB cable.  
2. Locate the drive on your computer
3. You will see a TXT document named "TIMEREST" (see example screenshots below)
4. Double click on this file to open it.
5. You will see the previously set date and time stamp.  (see example screenshots below).  The date and time stamp is as follows - Year, Month, Day, Time (military) 
6. Change the date and time to the setting you wish and then click "file" > "Save" when finished.  It is required to keep the same date/time format (Year, Month, Day, Time)
7. Properly eject the camera from your computer before unplugging it.
8. The corrected date and time should now be displayed.
PLEASE NOTE - If you wish for the date and time stamp to not appear in your videos, simply change the "Y" (yes) to a "N" (no) and click "file" > "Save" 

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time stamps instructions 1.jpg

Collar/Harness Recommendations

Mr Petcam HD can be attached to cat and dog collars of multiple sizes.  From our testing, we recommend "buckle type" collars with open ends up to one inch wide. 

There is also custom made harnesses for dogs/cats 10lbs to 70lbs in weight that has a camera mount already installed.  Allowing Mr Petcam to attach quickly and easily.  Links below.


Available on Amazon here - 

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