Frequently asked questions

How easy is this pet camera to operate?

There is only a one button action required to operate Mr Petcam. After properly mounted to your pets collar, you can be up and running within 30 seconds or less!

How does Mr Petcam record?

Mr Petcam records to a 2gb Micro SD card (included). This memory card is good for up to 65 minutes of continous recording. Mr Petcam accepts micro SD memory cards up to 32gb in size.

What is included with purchase?

Mr Petcam contents: - Main camera - Waterproof housing - 360 degree mounting bracket - Mounting clip & velcro loop - 16gb micro sd memory card - USB charging/video transfer cable - Written instruction - If you prefer video instructions, a link will be provided on your written instructions.

How secure is it to my pets collar?

If our mounting instructions are correctly followed, Mr Petcam is very secure while on your pets collar. As each cat or dog varies in size, weight and behavior, some trial and error will need to be done to find the best fitment of Mr Petcam to your specific pet. For cats, we have found mounting the camera below their necks and to their collar provides the best video results. For dogs, we recommend using the included waterproof housing and 360 degree mounting bracket to attach on the top of your dog behind his or her head. The included 360 degree mounting bracket will attach to most one inch wide "buckle type" collars and harnesses (not included)


Interface port: USB 2.0
Video decoding: H.263
Video compression: MPEG4
Video code: MJPEG
Video Resolution: 1280*720 30fps
Storage media: Micro SD card support SDHC
Support capacity: Max 32GB
Software: Operating system or the mainstream audio and video playback softwarre
Picture Mode: JPG
File format:AVI
Picture Resolution: 1280*720
System: Windows
Recharge Voltage: DC-5V
Data Transfer Interface: Mini 8pin USB
Memory Card: TF - Micro SD - Up to 32GB
Battery: High capacity lithium polymer battery
Size: (Approx. )27*26*26mm
Color: Black
Weight: 16 grams Waterproof rating: Waterproof with included housing

How heavy is our pet camera?

Mr Petcam is feather light. Weighing in at only 16 grams, neither dogs nor cats will notice it's tiny presence.

Do we ship internationally?

Yes! Please CLICK HERE to contact us. Please let us know the quantity you wish to order and destination country. We will get back to you as soon as possible with a shipping quote.

How to view the recorded video files?

This camera records to a micro sd card. After your pet has returned with their video footage, you can connect the camera directly to your Windows based PC to view the recorded video files. Or you can remove the micro SD card and insert it into a micro SD card reader (if available).

What format does Mr Petcam record in and how do I view my pets videos?

Our camera records in AVI format which plays back on most Windows computers that have Windows Media Viewer (WMV) installed. If you do not have this program, it is a free download you can obtain from Microsoft's website. After your pet is finished being a videographer, you simply connect Mr Petcam to your computers USB port using the provided cable. You then transfer the videos files from the micro SD card into destination folder of your choosing. You then double click the videos to play them back.

How long does the battery last?

With a full battery charge, Mr Petcam can record continously for over one hour. If you enable motion activation mode, it will only record video when it senses motion. This can greatly extend the battery life of Mr Petcam as it is not recording continously but only when there is movement. In motion activation mode, battery life can exceed eight hours or sometimes longer depending on how active or unactive your pet is.

Can the camera be used for other purposes?

Yes. Mr Petcam is a very versatile little DVR (Digital Video Recorder) with many uses beyond that of just POV (point-of-view) pet recordings. Many of our customers use the camera for day to day uses including sports, home security, baby monitoring etc.

Is it waterproof?

New for 2021, we are now including with each order our new waterproof housing and 360 degree mounting bracket. Mr Petcam can be used with or without the waterproof housing. There are now two methods of attaching Mr Petcam to most dog and cat collars and harnesses. Please note each animal is unique in regards to their size, weight, movement etc. Some trial and error will need to be performed to find the best fit and angle for your specific pet.

Does it work on dogs too?

Yes it does and many of our customers attach Mr Petcam to their dogs with hilarious results. One thing to mention however is that cats in general move more slowly and gracefully than dogs. Less running etc. Cats also usually turn their heads less frequently or abruptly. This creates more stable and clear video results. However, many of our customers use Mr Petcam on their dogs with great results! Mr Petcam HD now comes with a waterproof housing for the camera as well as our new 360 degree harness mounting clip. This newly designed clip can be attached to most "buckle type" dog harnesses or collars up to one inch wide. It mounts the camera in a waterproof housing on top of the dog rather than below it's neck like it does for on cats. From our testing on dogs, having the camera mounted on top provides better video results then when attached below the neck. Our new 360 degree mounting bracket allows complete movement and adjustability to find the perfect angle for your pets video shots!

How does it attach to my cat or dog collar/harness?

With each Mr Petcam order, we include two mounting brackets for two different mounting options for your pet. For cats, we recommend using the clip mount and velcro loop. This method attaches to your cats collar and mounts the camera below their head. Please see picture below. We have found this provides generally the best video results for cats and small dogs. For medium/large dogs, we recommend using the 360 degree mounting bracket and waterproof housing. This method attaches the camera on top of your dog with the camera looking over his or her head. For medium/large dogs, it has been our experience that this provides better video results than mounting the camera below their heads. The 360 degree mounting bracket fits most one inch wide dog collars/harnesses that are "buckle type" which allow you to feed the collar or harness strap through the 360 degree mounting bracket. Please see picture below. Each cat and dog varies in size, weight and movement behavior. Some cats run a lot, while some do not. Some dogs walk with their heads down, while some do not. That being said, it will take some practice to find what mounting method works best for your specific pet.

Can I get still pictures from the videos?

Yes. There are two methods on how to obtain still pictures from your pets captured videos. 1. If you have a video editing program, you can import the video and move the timeline to the still image you want. Then simply save the video frame as a file to your computer. There are many free video editing programs available online. 2. Another method is to play the video on your computer and then pause the video at the desired frame. Then press the "print screen" button on your keyboard. Then open a photo editing program or even "paint" which is on most computers. Press "control+V" to paste the screen captured image. Then simply save the file to your computer.