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About Us

We love our pets.  Our dogs, our cats.  They are family.  Although we feel we have a fairly good understanding of what they do while we are away, nobody can say for certain unless you witness their actions first hand.

Over the years, there has a been an increasing amount of at home, indoor only "pet" related video cameras that capture video footage of your pet while you are away from home.  Unfortunately, these cameras do not show what your pet gets into outside of the home.  

Mr Petcam was originally the worlds first POV (point-of-view) pet camera (cat collar camera) that captures video and audio directly from your pets perspective!  

Join your cat or dog on their daily outdoor adventurers into the back yard or deep into the woods.  Discover their secret hiding places.  Meet their local furry neighborhood friends...or sometimes enemies.

Then sit back and explore this fun and often silly footage with your family and friends.

Explore your pets secret life with Mr Petcam!

Mr Petcam was originally founded in 2010 and quickly rose

to the top.  Being the go-to for POV related pet cameras. 

Over the years, Mr Petcam has evolved with new designs

and exciting features.  Cat collar camera, dog collar camera,

cat cam, kittycam - whatever you want to call it, Mr Petcam 

does it!

Around 2013, other companies began to take notice with how

popular point-of-view pet collar cameras were becoming. 

Many different "pop up" brands began to emerge almost

overnight flooding the market with low quality alternatives.  

Below you will see the main differences Mr Petcam offers over other currently available brands.  Mr Petcam features HD Video, wide field of view, motion detection, night vision and more.  You decide :-)

Why Mr Petcam HD?


Which would your pet prefer? 😺🐶

Explanation of Features


Mr Petcam

Other Brands


Full 1080p HD Video


Our Version 2 "HD"  Mr Petcam includes a 12mp sensor that records in a staggering 1080p full HD resolution.  Not currently offered by any of our competitors.  Having a collar mounted pet camera can sometimes record blurry video, especially if your pet is running, jumping etc.  Having full HD resolution ensures you will not miss any of the detail from your pets video!

Wide FOV

Our camera features a super wide lens that captures more of what your pet sees.  Most low resolution cameras have a "zoomed in" type look to them which makes you miss the good stuff!  

Motion Detection

Being that Mr Petcam is so small, this is also true for the battery inside.  It is a compromise between weight, overall size and battery length.  Over countless years, we have settled on a 200mAH lithium battery that records continuously for just over 60 minutes.  However, with motion detection technology, our collar camera will shut down when it does not sense motion, extending the capabilities of the internal battery by as much as eight hours.

Night Vision

Many of your pets secret adventures take place at night while they are out on the prowl!  Mr Petcam features two HO IR (infrared) LED's that emit enough power to see up to seven feet in front of your cat or dog.  Explore the fun and often times a bit spooky environment of your pet at night.

Lightweight and Compact


Most all the POV collar mounted pet cameras on the market today are both heavy and big in size.  Unless you have a massive 100lb animal, most cats and dogs find these over sized cameras to be intrusive and annoying.  Not to mention heavy on their little necks!  Mr Petcam weighs in at only 16 grams (almost featherlight) and is less than 1/2" on all sides.  Making it the smallest, most lightweight and highest tech point-of-view collar cam on the market.


Waterproof Casing for Dogs

Is your dog a swimmer?  We have you covered.  Included with each Mr Petcam HD is our newly designed waterproof casing and 360 degree mounting bracket.  This combo mounts the camera on top of your dog behind its head allowing for some great videos shots.  The adjustable 360 mount is very versatile and allows complete adjustability to find just the right angle for your specific dog.  The 360 bracket mounts to most* "buckle type" dog collars and harnesses up to one inch wide.

Expandable Memory


Each Mr Petcam accepts micro SD memory card up to 32gb in size.  A 16gb memory card is included for one hour of continuous recording on full HD 1080p mode.  More length can be achieved using Motion Activation Mode.  Other brands are limited with built-in (non expandable) memory that greatly limits how much video you can store without transferring the video files.




Mr Petcam is backed by a one-year limited warranty that protects against manufacturer error.  Even after the warranty period, we will always work with you and find a fair resolve if you experience issues later down the road.  




  Most cat cams on the market today are in excess of $150 dollars!  Even considering all the features they do not contain.  Part of the fun of having your pet make a movie is that it didn't require you to break the bank in order to so.  We strived to keep Mr Petcam at an affordable price point even after all it's recently updated features.  Mr Petcam is only $69.95!

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Lightweight & Compact

Heavy & Bulky

Mr Petcam Team

Kelly Almeida


Josh Whiteman

Customer Care

Jeff Gerlitz


Our Team


Thank you for your patience regarding our back order these past couple weeks.  Our latest batch of units are ready to go!  All orders are shipped within one business day.


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