When I try to view my pets recorded vidoes, the files do not play on my computer?

We always recommmend leaving the SD card in the camera, connect it to your computer via the USB cable and transfer the files directly to your computer before viewing. Mr Petcam records in AVI format which most video player programs will support. If you cannot view the videos using a particular player, please try viewing them on a different player. You can do this by right-clicking the video file, select "open with" and choosing a different player. The videos play back best when viewed with Windows Media Viewer. This is a free program if not already installed on your PC. If you are using a Mac computer, you can download a free program called "Windows Viewer for Mac." Another great program for viewing Mr Petcam HD videos, is called VLC Media Viewer. This program supports most video formats and is also free! If the videos still not appear, there is a chance the SD card needs a reformat. To do this, right-click the memory card drive and select "Format." This will format the SD card and may resolve the issue.

The red LED battery indiactor keeps blinking.  Is my camera fully charged?

Depending on your specific computer setup, the red LED indicator light may or may not become a solid red LED when fully charged. We recommend leaving the camera connected to your computer and charging for at least 2.5 hours when fully depleted. Please be sure to properly eject the camera from your computer before unplugging the USB cable. You can do this by hovering your mouse over the camera drive, right-clicking and selecting "eject."

I cannot get the memory card out of the camera.

When trying to remove the micro sd card from the camera, please use the method indicated in the pictures below. Use your thumb or index finger to "scoop" to card out of the camera slowly. When installing, ensure the SD card is in the correct slot or it is possible it could fall into the camera body itself. If this happens, carefully use tweezers or something similiar to remove.

When trying to charge my camera, both the red and blue LED lights are blinking?

If both the red and blue LED indicator lights are blinking, this means the camera is not charging. You must have a memory card installed into the camera for it to properly charge. Please install a Class 6 or above micro SD card and you will see a blinking red LED light which indicates it is charging properly.

Why is the camera not recognized by my computer when connected?

Below are some tips that will most likely resolve the issue from our experience. We recommend trying them in order. 1. Please check to make sure your computer is up to date with the latest Windows updates and driver updated for USB devices. When the memory card is installed in the camera with the camera connected to the USB port on your computer, you will know the driver needs an update if you see a little yellow error logo next to that driver. You can then update it, restart computer and re test. This is a fairly easy process and step by step directions can be found below. Update Drivers - Update Windows - In search bar, enter "windows update." Then select "check for updates." (See screenshots below for reference) 2. Try a different USB port on your computer. USB ports on the back of the PC are typically more reliable. Try a different PC if possible. 3. Make sure the memory card is properly and completely inserted into the Mr Petcam Camera. Also, ensure the USB cable is connected properly and completely to both the camera and your PC. For instructions on how to properly remove/install the memory card, please see video below. If you have tried all the above steps and still do not have success, please contact us or by CLICKING HERE.

How do I remove the memory card?

We recommend not removing the memory card if and when at all possible. The memory card does not need to be removed to view or transfer your pets recorded video clips. However, if you do need to remove the memory card, please do so with care. Use your finger nail to carefully grab the lip of the memory card and pull outwards. When reinserting, the memory cards "teeth" should be facing towards the front of the camera as seen in the attached video. Do not force the memory card. The memory card should be inserted with only slight resistance. Be careful not to allow the memory card from falling into the body of the camera. It should be inserted into the memory card slot holder. This holds the memory card firmly in place.

When playing back the recorded videos, all I see is a black screen with audio?

If you see a black screen with audio when playing back your videos, this indicates the media player you are using does not support the AVI file format Mr Petcam HD records in. The video files play back best with "Windows Media Player." This program is installed on most Windows based PC's. It is also available for download for free via the link below. If you are using a Mac (apple) computer, you can download "Windows Media Player for Mac." This is also a free program and can be downloaded via the link below. Another great program for playing back AVI file formats is called "VLC Viewer." This program is free and can be downloaded via the link below. After either of these programs is installed on your computer, Using your mouse - right-click the video file you are trying to view - then select "open with" - then select the program you want to open the video with (either Windows Media Player or VLC Player) Download Links: Windows Media Player for PC - Windows Media Player for Mac - VLC Media Player for PC - VLC Media Player for Mac -

When I turn on my camera, red and blue lights flash several times then the camera turns off?

When powering on the camera - if you see a flashing red and blue light, this indicates either the battery level is too low and needs to be charged. Or the memory card is incorrectly or not fully inserted into the camera.